Arabic B


The Arabic B department is committed to doing the best ensure that each student has a safe and motivating learning experience in DIS.

Our curriculum is based on The Ministry of Education’s framework for learning Arabic as an additional language. It is also based on international principles and expectations applied in teaching foreign languages to non-native speakers. The department’s focus is to enable our students to communicate in real life situations.

Our Primary Arabic B curriculum is also adapted to meet the UAE’s aspirations in teaching and learning Arabic in a manner that suits the learners’ capabilities. This illustrates the levels expected to be achieved by the learner in each of the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing).

 The Arabic B curriculum implementation is designed to enable students to be open minded citizens who appreciate the language and its culture. It also allows students to communicate effectively through the various discussions, tasks and activities. Students do take risks and work collaboratively to explore new strategies and various ideas and communicate about them in Arabic.

Wider Curriculum  

After School Clubs: Every term, a wide of Arabic B related clubs will be offered such as Primary Arabic Board games, Arts and craft club, Arabic Singing Club and reading club. 

Curriculum related Competitions & events: Students will take part in department based/ house competitions and events such as National Day, Readathon and Spelling Bee. Student successes will be celebrated via social media and Star of the month display board.  


Formative Assessment

This will be measured by using a variety of tools: class work, homework, quizzes, etc

Diagnostic Assessment:

Our students are assessed on all 4 skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, at the beginning of Term 1.

Summative Assessments 

At the end of each Term, our students will be assessed on all 4 skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Listening: The assessment will include a range of listening comprehension questions that students will answer while or after listening to the audio or watching videos. It will be multiple choice, true or false or long answers.  

Speaking: The assessment includes visuals which the students need to describe or talk about as well as answer questions posed by their teachers and/or take part in dialogue and record it. 

Reading: The assessment will include a range of reading comprehension questions that asses the students. 

Writing: This assessment evaluates students writing skills and it ranges from describing a picture, using vocabulary words in sentences to writing longer texts using a set criterion. 

Year Group

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Year 1

-My body

-My sFamily

-Seven Emirates

-Landmarks in Dubai

My classroom





-Break Time

-Four seasons


Year 2

Who I am

My family

My school

Life in the farm


Healthy food

Year 3

My day in school

Life in UAE


In the Zoo

Holiday 1

Holiday 2

Year 4

My daily routine

My school 1

 My school 2

My home



Year 5


UAE National Day

Around the Gulf

Sport in Dubai


In the restaurant

Year 6

Introducing myself

My extended family


Sport Day in school


My celebrity