Primary Curriculum


Our Curriculum in Primary continues with the development of the whole child and learning skills for life through a progressive and rigorous roadmap for learning. The Primary Curriculum is adapted from the National Curriculum for England to ensure content and learnt concepts are cross-curricular, meaningful and linked to real life and relevant contexts. We link learning wherever possible to our international context and use opportunities to develop the diversity of our school community.  Teachers explicitly develop the skills associated with higher order thinking and encourage pupils to question and enquire through rich exploratory talk and discussion through a range of fascinating themes and topics. By the end of Key Stage 2, through our curriculum delivery and focus on the learner attributes, our students are fully prepared for Secondary school; here learning builds upon the key characteristics of our Primary approaches and pedagogy.

Curriculum booklet Year 1 and 2_Page_01
Curriculum Booklet Year 1 & 2
Curriculum booklet Year 3 and 4_Page_01
Curriculum Booklet Year 3 & 4
Curriculum booklet Year 5 and 6_Page_01
Curriculum Booklet Year 5 & 6