Academic Results

IGCSE Results 2022

“We are all thrilled with these outstanding results, which break records for examined cohorts. We are celebrating amazing headlines, but every result is a testament to the dedication and relentless hard work of both the students and all staff at Deira International School. The last two years has been so challenging for everyone in schools but DIS has managed to maintain face to face learning throughout. The results of this commitment are seen today.

I could not be more grateful and proud of everyone here. When combined with our fabulous IB results, Deira International School can look back on another hugely successful year and look forward with excitement as to what we will achieve over the coming three terms and beyond.” – Simon O’Connor, Deira International School Director.

Highest achievers:

  • Eesha Mashruwala
  • Vasudha Ayyagari
  • Hud Abdulhameed Fairoz
  • Jody Ahmed Abdelgelil Elrazky
  • Kaashni Rastogi
  • Krittika Hemang Khakhar
  • Mariam Hassan
  • Theodore Ravin Nathan
 IGCSE Results2019202020212022
 No. of exam entries804970974831
 No. of students in GCSE level cohort9311410898
 % of exam entries graded A*/9-820275131
 % of exam entries graded A*-A /9-745547754
 % of exam entries graded A*-B /9-670808975
 % of exam entries graded A*-C /9-489959796
 % 5+ A*-C88959795

* Does not include DT results

Deira International School IB Results 2022

We are excited to share our student success for the May 2022 IB results. Historically our school average has been significantly above the world and UAE average. This year sees our results increases significantly from 2019. The average improving to 35.4 points in comparison to 34 in 2019. 22% of students achieved 40+ points with 1 student achieving 45 points. We are proud that we offer a holistic educational program that stretches and extends our students beyond the classroom, whilst also being an inclusive school. This year we maintained our 100% pass rate of all IBDP students.

This year sees IBCP results increases from 2019. The pass rate improving to 100% in comparison to 80% in 2019. The highest points total increased to 15 from 11 in 2019. We are proud that we offer a vocational educational program that allows our students learn beyond the classroom.

Simon O’Connor, Director at Deira International School, commented: ‘We are delighted with these results which are a record for examined cohorts. This year group has endured such challenges over the last three years and therefore it is particularly special that they are able to leave Deira International School equipped with qualifications which reflect their hard work and will set the foundations for their continued success in the top universities around the world. I must pay tribute to the commitment of the staff who have been instrumental in securing these outcomes. Deira International School has maintained face to face learning throughout the last two years and we see the results of that today. These has required enormous dedication from teachers who have had to teach their lessons whilst covering absent colleagues. I am so grateful for their professionalism and hard work.’

Highest performers:

Highest performers:

  • Jana Eissa
  • Sara Rady
IB Results2019202020212022
No. of diploma candidates 65346078
% of candidates who passed the diploma93100100100
% of candidates who achieved 40+ points15243821.8
% of candidates who achieved 35+ points4379.46859
% of candidates who achieved 30+ points80979788.4
Highest Diploma points awarded to a candidate44434545
Average grade obtained by candidates passing the DP5.175.855.975.6

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