Careers and University Counseling

The University and Careers Counseling Office aims to support DIS students with diverse university counseling and careers exploration resources so that each student has the means to discover their professional and personal interests. Choosing a career and finding a match university is a unique journey, hence, our careers counseling program is designed to impact students enabling their self-discovery and empowering autonomy. Students work with a team of careers development professionals to identify their potentials while searching for their best fit career and university.  

Bespoke Careers Guidance

To facilitate their journey, DIS will support students’ careers readiness and higher education goals in several ways. Our University Counselor, Mr Kevin, will offer one on one counseling sessions with each student to make sure students are choosing the correct subjects leading to their match universities. Additionally, age, grade and destination specific college readiness sessions will be conducted throughout the year to help students prepare for their university applications. Students will also receive support in finding appropriate work experience opportunities via the Al Futtaim Work Experience Initiative, giving students a greater understanding of their career pathways and options.

University Visits and Webinars

External visits from university representatives, careers professionals and global university fairs are also an integral part of our University Counseling Program in which students can demonstrate their interest while networking with their target schools. Students are kept informed of relevant events, e-visits and webinar options via announcements on Managebac and our University Counseling Teams Channels. In general, we have 2 Global University Fairs in the Fall and Spring along with weekly career talks and university e-visits during after-school hours. Year 12 students and parents attend our tailored “University Information Evening” taking place every February as a one stop shop for their higher education inquiries before applications season arrives. Our annual “Careers Fair”, in which industry professional speak about their career journey, will cater to all students interested in learning more about a specific pathway.

Our DIS Careers and University Counseling Program is pivotal to ensure students’ individual pathway development while they receive the necessary career advice and guidance through the university application process.

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