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In IGCSE English language we aim to develop students’ communication skills across the disciplines of reading, writing and spoken language. Through the topics and tasks completed over the two-year course, students are also exposed to a range of perspectives, viewpoints and text types which support them in building their empathy and imagination skills. By the end of their two years of study students’ English skills and critical skills are well prepared to support them as they progress into post-16 education and beyond.


Over the two years of the course, students study in preparation for an examination paper and for two pieces of coursework. The exam paper requires students to read an anthology of contemporary non-fiction texts which comprises of a range of text types presenting opinions, experiences and locations from across the world. Students learn how to analyse the construction of these texts and write in a similar style. For coursework, students refine their creative writing skills as well as explore the way in which language creates impact in a collection of poetry.


Students complete two pieces of coursework in Year 10, each piece is worth 20% of their final grade. In order to best prepare for their coursework student may submit one draft to their teacher and receive feedback before completing and submitting a final draft. The creative writing coursework should be 800-1000 words and the poetry coursework should be 1100 – 1400 words. As this is a linear GCSE course, students will also sit an examination paper at the end of Year 11. This paper is worth 60% of their final grade. Within the paper half of the marks are awarded for their successful analysis of the anthology texts; the other half of the marks are awarded for the ability to complete an extended transactional writing task.


  • Journalism, translation, digital copywriting, teaching, linguistics, proof-reader, editorial writer


Unit / Block of workKey Episodes / QuestionsAdditional DetailColour CodeLength of time.Possible Symbol?Learner Attribute(s)
Poetry and ProseHow are the experiences of marginalised figures presented in Literature?Poetic and prose language techniques Poems and prose extracts from Language Anthology Unseen poetry analysis Assessment: Language coursework: Poetry and prose anthology Literature unseen poetry questionPurple8 weeksPoetry symbolOpen-minded          Thinker
An Inspector CallsTo what extent do writers use their positions of power to influence change in society?Knowledge of context of 1910s Britain Reading and studying of key moments in the text Analysis of characters Dramatic devices Assessment: Literature coursework: Modern Drama, ‘An Inspector Calls’.Orange8 weeksCover of An Inspector CallsInquirer               Principled
Romeo and JulietHow do society and societal norms alter the way we view a text over time?Knowledge of context of Elizabethan England Reading and studying of key moments in the text Analysis of theme and characters Dramatic devices Different readers, different times Assessment: Literature coursework: Literary Heritage Drama, ‘Romeo and Juliet’Orange8 weeksCover of Romeo and JulietKnowledgeable              Reflective                       
Non-fiction AnthologyHow do writers use language and structure to communicate their perspectives on experiences?Reading and analysing texts in the Language Anthology Practice examination skills and question types Assessment: English Language Paper 1 Section AGreen6 weeksSymbol for non-fictionCommunicator     Caring
Transactional WritingHow do we change our choices as writers to meet different needs?Different non-fiction text types Conventions of non-fiction writing Practice writing for different puposes and audiences Assessment: English Language Paper 1 Section BBlue4 weeksSymbol for writingBalanced                       Risk-taker
Unit / Block of workKey Episodes / QuestionsAdditional DetailColur CodeLength of time.Possible Symbol?Learner Attribute(s)
Of Mice and MenTo what extent are contextual factors essential to our understanding of a text?Knowledge of context of 1930s USA Reading and understanding of text Analysis of key themes and characters Practice examination questions Assessment: Literature Paper 1 Section COrange8 weeksCover of Of Mice and Men bookOpen-minded                  Principled                        Caring
Language Exam PreparationHow do writers communicate their ideas in complex and sophisticated ways?                                                     Revision of anthology texts Revision of transactional writing and text types Practice examination questions Assessment: English Language Paper 1Green and Blue6 weeksSymbol for non-fiction and writingCommunicator               Knowledgeable
Poetry AnthologyHas the passage of time changed the way poets express their ideas?Reading and understanding of Literature poetry anthology Poetic devices revision Analysis and annotation of poems Comparison skills Practice examination questions Assessment: Literature Paper 1 Section A and BPurple8 weeksSymbol for poetryBalanced                       Thinker                            Inquirer
Literature Exam PreparationWhat value is there to the study of Literature?Revision of anthology poetry Revision of unseen poetry skills Revision of Of Mice and Men text Practice examination questions Assessment: Literature Paper 1Orange and Purple6 weeksSymbol for examReflective                Risk-taker                   

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