At Deira International School, our Science curriculum allows students to explore and discover the world around them, enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of the world in which we live in. Students are naturally curious. We aim to provide a stimulating curriculum, in line with the National Curriculum of the UK, which nurtures this natural curiosity alongside their on-going intellectual development.

Science is hands-on and inquiry based allowing students the opportunity to explore, question, discover and explain. Students experience the joy of having wonderful ideas, challenges, explorations, and investigations. Our aim is for the students to develop and extend their scientific knowledge and vocabulary through stimulating experiences. We want our students to be life-long learners who continue to be curious about the world around them, developing enquiry minds.

Teachers have outstanding subject knowledge in Science which enables students to have a positive attitude to their learning and reach their full potential through the level of peronalised challenge.

In Deira International School, we follow a whole school approach to the teaching and learning of Science.

  • A cycle of lessons for each topic is carefully planned for to ensure progression and depth.
  • Through our planning, we involve problem solving, enquiry and investigation opportunities that allow students to discover knowledge for themselves.
  • Using precise questioning, teachers regularly assess students to identify misconceptions and gaps in learning which are addressed to ensure students achieve.
  • Retrieval questions at the beginning of lessons help create a deeper level of understanding, moving knowledge to student’s long-term memory.
  • We build upon student’s previous knowledge and skill development each year. As the student’s confidence and skills develop, they become more proficient and independent in selecting equipment, making predictions and drawing conclusions.
  • Working scientifically is embedded into all lessons to ensure students are developing skills and vocabulary throughout their school journey.
  • Teachers demonstrate how to use scientific equipment and working scientifically skills to embed understanding and to develop student’s knowledge of their surroundings by providing opportunities for outdoor learning.
  • Regular events like Science Week and STEAM Week allow students to further embed scientific skills and knowledge whilst providing a broader provision.

Year Group

Topics Covered

Year Group

Topics Covered


Year 1


·         My Body

·         Everyday Materials

·         Seasons Changes

·         Identifying Plants

·         Identifying Animals

·         Working Scientifically



Year 4


·         States of Matter

·         Changing Sounds

·         Living in Environments

·         Eating and Digestion

·         Circuits and Conductors


Year 2


·         Growth and Survival

·         Exploring Everyday Materials

·         Living in Habitats

·         Growing Plants

·         Working Scientifically


Year 5


·         Properties and Changes of Materials

·         Earth and Space

·         Life Cycles

·         Changes

·         Forces in Action



Year 3


·         Rocks, Fossils and Soils

·         Light and Shadow

·         How Plants Grow

·         Health and Movement

·         Forces and Magnets


Year 6


·         Healthy Bodies

·         Seeing Light

·         Classifying Organisms

·         Changing Circuits

·         Evolution and Inheritance