Key Stage 3

Ensuring an outstanding learning.

At DIS we offer an education offered in the Secondary School which builds on the students’ previous learning and knowledge from Key Stage 2. Our Secondary staff continue to follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales as a framework, with adaptations to suit our international setting. In Key Stage 3, lessons are taught by a series of subject specialists with the class tutor coordinating all aspects of the students’ academic and social development. The class tutor also delivers the Moral Education programme. These vital initial years in Secondary School allow students to ‘taste’ subjects and find out their strengths and areas of interest.

At DIS, our expectation of our students is high; all students participate in the learning process and each student’s contribution to the school is valued. Students are encouraged to learn and think for themselves. Staff endeavour to give our young people the confidence to participate, to ask questions, and collaborate with others, laying the foundations for academic success at IGCSE and beyond.

We encourage our teaching staff to engage in thematic learning and enquiry based opportunities, to facilitate students being at the centre of the learning.  This ensures challenge, creativity, enterprise and innovation is at the forefront of our expectations. Opportunities exist beyond the classroom walls to extend learning.

Students will choose their options for IGCSE towards the end of Year 9 and begin the programme of study at IGCSE for Maths in Year 9.