Key Stage 2

Ensuring an outstanding learning.

Key Stage 2 begins the next steps in a child’s learning journey by encouraging and nurturing them to be academically inquisitive and to take responsibility and initiative. At DIS we offer an innovative curriculum which builds on cross curricular planning. This encompasses all core subjects with a strong emphasis on developing the whole child through a holistic approach. We have the very highest expectations of your child and create a stimulating, happy, friendly environment for them to flourish. This environment helps develop your child’s natural curiosity and foster a desire to learn.

We prepare your child for the challenges of Secondary School through our award winning Year 6 transition model, which received the accolade of the British International School Award. Year 6 students begin to experience life as a Secondary student, with lessons based in the Secondary School building. Students have the opportunity to be taught by a variety of specialist teachers preparing them for the move to Year 7.

In Key Stage 2, we focus on a personalised approach to learning where the curriculum is adapted to ensure your child fulfils their full potential. We grow your child’s independent skills and sense of responsibility for themselves and the world around them. They will be challenged through a rigorous academic framework with a strong emphasis on technology; further preparing them to be global citizens of the 21st century. Within Key Stage 2, we encourage students to develop innovative ways of learning and provide areas around the school for them to collaborate with their peers. At DIS we utilise our extensive grounds to provide a variety of experiences, giving opportunities for real life learning within the curriculum.

We look forward to working with you in partnership to ensure your child achieves outstanding success in Key Stage 2.