Arabic B



Cambridge IGCSE Arabic B encourages learners to be confident, responsible and reflective by; using new and familiar structures and vocabulary to communicate with others in everyday situations; seeking opportunities to use and develop their language skills; considering how to communicate different ideas and attitudes innovatively; applying language to a variety of situations engaged and by developing learning strategies which help them to express their ideas and their understanding of other cultures.


The course will cover a wide range of topics in the four key skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The subject content is organised in five broad topic areas:

  1. Everyday activities
  2. Personal and social life
  3. The world around us
  4. The world of work
  5. The international world

These provide contexts for the acquisition of vocabulary and the study of grammar and structures. The study of these topic areas enables students to gain an insight into countries and communities where Arabic is spoken.


IGCSE French

(grades A*- G)

Paper 1


Paper 2


Paper 3


Paper 4


25% weighting

40 marks

50 min approx.


25% weighting

45 marks

1 hour

25% weighting

40 marks

10 min approx.

25% weighting

45 marks

1 hour


  • Translator, interpreter, blogger, teacher, journalist, reporter, product localisation manager, field researcher, liaison officer, tour guide, podcaster, sales associate, motivational speaker, flight attendant, private tutor…
  • Support your appreciation and the importance of Modern Languages in society, employment and study.
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Unit / Block of workKey Episodes / QuestionsAdditional DetailLength of time.Learner Attribute(s)
Life in the UAEUAE union storypresent tenseTerm 1caring
 famous places in the UAEpast tense  
 Currency, flags, religionfuture tense  
 traditions including clothes and foodfactual presentation  
 Description of some famous attractions in Dubaiformal tetter  
 pluralism in the UAE   
 To what extent does the existence of different cultues in the UAE enrich the UAE culture?   
 Send a letter to Sheikh Mohamad talking about the great things in Dubai suggesting something you would like to see in it   
  present tense  
  past tense  
Around the worlddifferent countries around the worldfuture tenseTerm 2open-minded
 famous places around the worldfactual paragraphs  
 Weather opinion expressions  
 traditions in different places around the world (food, clothes, celebrations,..)   
 the differences and the similarities that you can see in these countries   
 What lessons can people learn from travelling around the world or learning about different cultures?   
Cinema and TVexplore different types of TV programsall tenses to be usedTerm 3reflective
 explore different types of filmsadjectives and connectives  
 describe a film/ program I have watched latelyconvincing essays  
 express and justify opinions about different types of TV programs and filmsopinion expressions  
 engage in a conversation with a friend about the best films in cinema   
 famous actors and actresses in the world and in the Arab countries   
 To what extent do movies reflect the culture and beliefs of any society?   


Unit / Block of workKey Episodes / QuestionsAdditional DetailLength of time.Learner Attribute(s)
Everyday activities Time expressionsmasculine/feminine singular adjectives Term 1Balanced, Risk taker
 date, day, months, seasonscommon plural adjectives   
 describe your daily routine using time/ time phrasesNegative (un – not) with غير  
 Compare between your daily life in Dubai and in your hom countrycomparative and superlative  
 Famous international and local dishesDemonstratives  
 a meal at restaurantfactual paragraphs  
 compare between some of the Arabic dishes and your hometown onescomparative essays  
 What does balanced meal mean?   
 Do you think that food is part of people’s identity? Explain.   
 What does healthy lifestyle mean?   
 an experience at hospital   
 In your opinion, how can people keep a healthy lifestyle?   
 Different daily transportations these days   
 What is urban transportation?   
 which kind of transportation do you prefer? Why?   
 How can your daily habits improve your life?   
Personal and social lifeDescribe yourself, family and friendsAdverbs: common adverbs of time/place/manner Term 2Communicator, Caring
 Describe a day at home.Pronouns: Subject pronouns, Possessive pronouns, Object pronoun, Relative pronouns  
 what kinds of activities do you do at home? Verbs: double, hollow and weak basic verb patterns, common unusual verbs  
 Different types pf clothes and accessoriesTenses: Present Tense, Future Tense and negation with لن  
 Describe your traditional clothes comparing it with some of traditional clothes in different Arabic countries Past Tense, Imperative فعل الأمر and its negation  
 How can our choices of clothes refect our way of thinking?   
 Different types of leisure time   
 How do you spend your leisure time?   
 Do you prefer holidays with family or friends? Why?   
 How does travelling enrich our understanding of others? Term 3Inquirer, Thinker
  Perfect and imperfect and their negation with وال، ما أو لم respectively basic conditional  
The world around usThe natural worldSubjunctive after أن، حتى، لكي  
 the environmentVerbal nouns  
 measurementsPassive voice in the imperfect and the perfect  
 materials in natureActive Participle  
 the climate and the weatherPassive Participle   
 What does ‘the built environment’ mean?   
 How can we protect environment?   
 Some of the environmental issues/ causes and effects   
 some solutions for the environmental issues   
 Do you prefer urban life or rural life? Why?   
 Is it government or community responsibility to protect environment? Explain.   
Unit / Block of workKey Episodes / QuestionsAdditional DetailLength of time.Learner Attribute(s)
The world of workdifferent kinds of learning and educational institutionsConjunctions and Prepositions  14 weeksCommunicator, Reflective
 what is your favorite subject/s at school? Why?conjunctions  
 Which subjects do not you like? Why?Prepositions  
 Describe your school (physicl building, curriculum, teachers, subjects, class mates)ordinal numbers (masculine and feminine)  
 What do you like about your school? Why?agreement of numbers with nouns  
 How can schools prepare students for workplace?westernised calendar months  
 What is your plan when you graduate from school?clock times (12-hour analogue)  
 What do you want to be in future? Why?persuasive essay  
 Describe different kinds of jobsCV writing skills  
 the nature of each jobinterview skills  
 the advantages and disadvantages of certain jobsdescriptive essay  
 How do you write your CV?   
 Job interviews   
 How does culture or experiences impact expectations of what a ‘the best job’ looks like?   
The International Worlddifferent countries around the worldPossessives14 weeksOpen-minded, Caring
 Different nationalities  Interrogatives  
 a variety of languagesCommon Question Words  
 Currenciessingular accusative  
 weather and climate in different parts of the worldVerbal sentences word order of verb, subject, object and agreement of subject before and after verbs  
 the most popular places and attractions around the world and in the Arabic worldNon-verbal sentences  
 compare the famous Arabic dishes with some of the international dishesUse of إن and its sisters, use of كان and its sisters, Negative with ليس  
 What does globalisation mean? How do you think bout it?descriptive essays  
 Describe religious celebrations comparative essays  
 Describe national celebrations in the UAE and in your hometownpersuasive essays  
 Describe Personal celebrations    
 traditions and activities done in each celebration   
 comparison between these celebrations and what you have in your countries in terms of clothes, food, etc   
 Compare between celebrations in different parts of the world   
 How does the culture differ from one place to another?   
 How far do these celebrations reflect the individual’s identity?   

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