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- Wellbeing Action Plan -

Action (What are we going to do?) Milestones and Measurable Outcomes Led by Evaluation criteria (How will we know we’ve done it?)
Appointment of Primary and Secondary Counsellors and the development and implementation of clear and consistent referral systems • There is a clear referral system which is fully understood by staff, students and parents by half term • Referrals are prioritised according to need and the wellbeing team are aware of any safeguarding concerns • Referrals are tracked and monitored over time using accurate records BL/GD Support SD/MJ • A referral system is well-embedded, and students and staff are confident in making appropriate referrals • There is a manageable caseload for each counsellor that meets the needs of student issues • Parents, Students and staff express that there is a comprehensive system of support in the school • Outstanding judgement for Care, Guidance and Support in the KHDA inspection.
To agree the wider roles and responsibilities of the wellbeing counsellors and how they may impact on the wider aspects of school life • Roles and Responsibilities are clearly outlined and understood by counsellors, parents and the wider staff • By the end of Term 1, the wellbeing counsellors will have delivered an introductory workshop and established the student and parent needs • Counsellors start to populate an Action Plan following Parental engagement sessions, the implementation of a survey system – to be completed by the end of Term 1 BL/GD AD/MJ • Successful parental attendance at the workshops and parental engagement beyond the workshops • Parents and students know who to ask for support and there is increased engagement on previous years • Parent feedback
The creation of a Wellbeing curriculum which addresses the needs of all pupils • There are planned and explicit opportunities in tutor/pastoral time and assemblies to teach and support students on identified issues. SLT • Student voice • Clear curriculum journey for each phase in school- links to the values
The development of a consistent school culture, which is fully understood and appreciated by all stakeholders “The DIS Way” • All key stakeholders understand the school values and the role that wellbeing plays within them • The wellbeing of students and staff is central to the strategic and non strategic decisions made GD/BL • Student voice • Staff temperature check • Parent surveys • Walk arounds and drop ns • Lesson observations
Raise parental awareness of wellbeing issues, including mental health • By the end of Term 1, the wellbeing counsellors will have delivered an introductory coffee morning/ workshop and established the student and parent needs • Wellbeing counsellors deliver at least half termly workshops/info sessions that address needs and the concerns of parents AD/MJ • Parent feedback • Completion of workshops
The introduction and implementation of the Pulse/PASS system to identify, evaluate and address student issues • The Pulse/PASS surveys are completed in Term 1 • Students are taught to understand what the questions are asking of the and the importance of the survey for establishing their needs • Action plans are created across school Y5 and above, in response to the survey • Termly follow up meetings at YGL/YLC level helps to evaluate the impact of the action plans- these may vary from year group to year group. • The wellbeing counsellors have an understanding of pupils needs across each phase and guide accordingly SLT • Completion of surveys across school • Responses from students over time • Accurate identification of needs • Action plans and on-going monitoring • Student voice • Counsellor notes and case loads
Review policies and ensure that all staff and parents are clear on their implementation • Wellbeing and counselling policies to be completed and shared by October half term • Primary and Secondary teams review behaviour policies and align systems. Consider alignment of any systems that would be appropriate across both phases. SLT • Teachers understand policies and follow consistently • Behaviour is judged as outstanding in external and inspections and internal QA • Student Voice • Counsellor Records of wellbeing issues
Counsellors will co-lead the development of and links with high quality support services and specialist consultants for the school • The wellbeing counsellors forge links and networks with external providers and other schools within Dubai • The school has an up to date awareness of agencies • Counsellors attend network meetings in the city AD/MJ • Directory of external agencies • Policies include the contact details of relevant agencies • Minutes of meetings are kept by counsellors