DIS Governance and Management Policy


Deira International School is owned by the Al Futtaim Group (AFG), developer of Dubai Festival City.  AFG delegates to the AFG Education Board the authorities and responsibilities of managing all aspects of DIS’s operations.  The DIS School Board consists of both Educational specialist and AFG personnel who meet primarily to oversee the school’s finances on behalf of the owner and to develop strategic intentions for the school’s future.

The school is accountable to the Governing Body/AFG Education Board for its performance and quality in the following ways:

  • formal appraisal of the Director conducted by a Board member at the beginning of the academic year including a mid-cycle and end of year review, during which all aspects of school performance are reviewed.
  • through the provision of a formal termly reporting mechanism to the AFG Education Board that requires the inclusion of evidence of students’ achievement and teachers’ performance.
  • at termly Board meetings, the Director provides a report on academic progress and associated matters to the AFG Education Board members
  • at monthly Business Senior Management Team meeting, reports are also tabled by the Heads of School and the Business Manager to the Director in the areas of human resources, finances, student enrolment, curriculum & assessment developments, general administrative & infrastructure matters, etc.

DIS is bound by the AFG Management Policy and its responsibilities to the UAE Ministry of Education to uphold its legal and ethical commitments to the school community.  In this regard DIS has developed comprehensive policies in all areas of its operation.

  • Deira International School
  • Dubai Festival City, P.O. Box 79043, Dubai, UAE
  • +971 4 232 5552
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