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At DIS we believe it is important to have a system for measuring attainment that is clear, easy to understanding and consistent across the whole school.  The DIS attainment scale allows parents to ‘monitor’ their child’s attainment across the whole school. The scale is linked to the various curriculum expectations studied at DIS, therefore a student attaining a score of ‘4’ in Year 2 is equivalent to a score of ‘4’ in Year 11. Our guarantee to parents is that at any point in the year our teachers will be able to inform you of how much progress your child is making and what score they are attaining on the DIS scale.

DIS will monitor and assess individual student achievement and evaluate it against international benchmarks and exam results. A collaborative process will be used to support teachers in making consistent judgements.

Assessment will include: 

  • Initial assessment on enrolment  
  • A range of assessment processes, and tools use to monitor individual progress and achievement  
  • Data to demonstrate individualised learning  
  • The use of data for targeted teaching 
  • Data to inform school curriculum planning and implementation 
  • The tracking of student progress at DIS  
  • Mock Yr 11 examination procedures 
  • Mock IB2 examination procedures  
  • The process and method of moderation in order to strengthen teacher consistency, judgment and comparability of reported results

DIS uses international assessments tasks, certification and IB Diploma externally assessed examinations and Moderated Internal Assessment Tasks, for benchmarking students’ progress and/ or exiting DIS 

International assessments include:  

  • ACER-ISA and ePIPS procedures 
  • CEMs 
  • PISA, undertaken at the age of 15. (MOE requirements) 
  • IGCSE  
  • IB/IBCC procedures


Assessment - Primary

How do we assess?

We use the learning objectives from the National Curriculum to assess student learning. Through observation, questioning and marking, teachers assess what each student has learnt. Measuring learning allows the teacher to judge how much progress has been made. A Level of Progress comment and a score on The DIS Attainment Scale can then be awarded.

When do we assess?

We assess students throughout the year both formally and informally. We do not prepare students for formal testing, this allows teachers to find out what students have 'really' learnt. At DIS student progress and attainment is not soley measured by testing, it forms part of a portfolio of evidence that allows an effective judgement to be made.

Parents guide to 'Levels of Achievement' at DIS


Assessment - Secondary

YEAR 7 - 9

Year 7 - 9 Assessment Description for Parents

YEAR 10 - 11

Year 10 - 11 Assessment Descriptions for Parents

IB1 - IB2

IB 1 - IB 2 Assessment Descriptions for Parents

Primary Homework Guidelines


The aim of homework is to reinforce the learning that your child has undertaken during the school day. Your child will receive a homework timetable that clearly shows the nights on which they will receive homework in the different learning areas.

Please click the link below for the Homework Guidelines:

Primary Homework Guidelines


Secondary Homework Guidelines


Please find attached a copy of the guidelines that will help your child to manage their homework for this academic year.  They have been put together with individual year groups in mind, and the school would ask that you help your child by checking that they are writing homework tasks in their planners to help meet deadlines.

There is some good advice for parents on support at home with homework, and other areas, which I would encourage you to read on the following link:
Supporting your child at secondary school 

Each subject will be expected to give you 35 minutes homework for each of their allotted times. The exception is Arabic, where students will have 15 to 20 minutes after each lesson.
ICT, Music and Drama will occasionally set short pieces of homework.

Remember to check the VLE for your homework daily. If you do not get set homework, read around the subject on the internet or check the VLE for subject support documents including possible websites to visit.

Here are the ‘Homework Timetables’ for Key Stage 3:

KS3 Homework timetables Year 7 2016-2017
KS3 Homework timetables Year 8 2016-2017
KS3 Homework timetables Year 9 2016-2017



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