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Extra-Curricular Activities

A child’s day does not end with the ringing of a bell, nor does their boundless energy. One of the ways to channel this energy in a productive and constructive way is to sign your child up for an after-school activity. This could be anything ranging from art lessons to sports or academic lessons. 

There is a significant evidence to demonstrate that activities pursued outside of normal school hours have a profound and positive impact upon the development and well-being of children.

The After-School Activities Programme helps children to build friendships with others who share the same interests. Furthermore, these activities can help them build character and learn important life skills, such as teamwork, commitment to tasks, conflict resolution, prepare for a successful career and improve overall performance.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages is that, depending on the type of after-school activity, they can foster creativity - an important factor in a child's education. For many students, recreational activities play a significant role in developing worthwhile hobbies and later on, potential career options.

We, at Deira International School pride ourselves on the successful programme we offer that accommodates all age groups. We offer our children a safe and supervised environment in which they can pursue worthwhile and interesting activities that contribute to their overall social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.


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