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“Successfully embedding CPD in the daily life of schools would make
more difference than anything else to the quality of education.”

Dylan Wiliam, Professor of Education, IOE, London

The Director of Deira International School, Mr Jeff Smith, recognises that a coherent and strategic approach to continual professional development (CPD) underpins overall school improvement. In his ‘Welcome’ letter on this school website, Mr Smith makes clear his view that:

 “The most important person in our school is the pupil. The most important asset is the teacher.”

It is within this important and fundamental context that CPD is such an integral part of professional life at DIS and the school CPD Policy Document sets out the rationale for training and staff development within the school. 

DIS Policy Document for CPD: Introduction

Deira International School (DIS) encourages the members of its professional teaching staff to participate in staff development opportunities. This may take a variety of forms: externally provided courses or conferences, staff inset day activities, targeted classroom observations, targeted visits to other schools, sharing of ideas with colleagues from DIS or other schools.

Aims of Continuing Professional Development at DIS

  • The school aims to instill in its students a love of learning and aims to ensure that they will become ‘lifelong learners'. With this in mind, school management will encourage all teachers to model this desired behaviour by facilitating their attendance at a variety of professional development activities.
  • To identify the professional development needs both of the school and each individual teacher to facilitate improved teaching and learning.
  • To ensure that all teachers are kept informed about any relevant professional development activities and provide the time and forums to share their experience and knowledge.

Attached to this section of the school website is a variety of links which give an indication of the types of continuing professional development that is offered to staff at DIS.

Opportunity knocks at DIS for staff seeking to develop their professional skills and attributes.


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