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School Timings

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To ensure the smooth management of entry and exit from the school building and campus and to adhere to social distancing protocols, we will be staggering the start and finish times to pupils.

Primary School

Pupils will enter school as follows:


  • Oryx house 7:20 – 7:30
  • Tahr house 7:30 – 7:40   
  • Saluki house 7:40 – 7:50
  • Falcon house 7:50 – 8:00

- Pupils will not be able to enter the school building until 7:20 am. 
- Pupils in FS1 and FS2 will enter through the main Foundation Stage entrance
- Years 1 – 3 will enter school via the main Primary entrance
- Years 4 – 6 will enter school via the Primary café


Detailed plan of FS pick up timings are communicated separately

  • 2:30 – 2:35 – Year 1 Bubble A from each class
  • 2:35 – 2:40 – Year 1 Bubble B from each class
  • 2:40 – 2:45 – Year 3/6
  • 2:45 – 2:50 – Year 2
  • 2:50 – 2:55 – Year 4
  • 2:55 – 3:00 – Year 5 

Details of specific pick up points are communicated separately.

Secondary School

In order to have an orderly start to the day adhering to social distancing measures it is vital that we have a daily staggered start. Students arriving by car must do so at the following times:

  • Oryx:   7.20 -7.30am
  • Tahr:  7.30 - 7.40am
  • Saluki: 7.40 – 7.50am
  • Falcon: 7.50 – 8.00am 


Students will not be allowed to enter the school building until 7.20am. 

Parents are not allowed in the building and are only allowed to drop students off or pick students up unless there is a prior arrangement or appointment made with a member of staff. 

If a student for some reason requires to leave the school site during the day they are not allowed to return to school, however once home they must continue with their blended learning. 

Secondary students when arriving on site are to enter the school building via two designated entrances. At these entrances there will be thermal imaging cameras to check temperature and ensure that all students are wearing their face mask. From here, students must go directly to their period 1 lesson.