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Inspection Outcomes

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Overall Inspection Rating for 2018/19:  Very Good

Every year the expectations of the inspection process increase and this year was no different.  This makes the achievement of another ‘Very Good’ rating pleasing and this report sees us on the right pathway to Outstanding.  The staff at DIS work very hard every day and the final results our students receive at IB are consistently world class.  To have the strong academic outcomes being produced, from Foundation Stage through  to  IB recognised through the inspection process is a highlight for us. In addition, the richness of that learning journey is celebrated in the report as well as many references  to students’ positive approaches to learning and school life including ‘high levels of respect, care and tolerance’, ‘ ability to solve conflicts in a mature  manner’, and  ‘a highly responsible student body’.
Secondary students’ learning skills which includes work ethic, responsibility and independence received a judgement of ‘Outstanding’ this year; a credit to our students and staff for all their work in this key area. This has been a major area of focus for us and it is great that now, all phases of students’ learning skills, at DIS are rated ‘Outstanding’.  All at DIS are proud  of the strong community created here at DIS as well as the tangible feeling of a ‘harmonious atmosphere’ as mentioned within the report. Our ‘Parents as partners’ initiative was highly praised too.
Ruth Burke
Deira International School

Specific comments from the 2018/19 Report:

  • “Across the school, students demonstrate high levels of respect, care and tolerance towards each other.  Students are positive, responsible and proactive in their pursuit of equality and fairness.  They are happy and proud to be part of the school.”
  • “Students in all phases and most key subjects are highly engaged in their learning.  In Foundation Stage, a learner-centred approach ensures that children take ownership of what and how they learn. These skills continue to develop in all grades so that by post-16, students are exceptionally mature and self-directed learners.”
  • “Leaders have developed effective, sophisticated systems for comparing assessment data from different sources.  The analysis of data by the school is used very effectively to monitor the attainment and progress of students.”
  • “Learning spaces and sports facilities within the school are spacious and well maintained.  They provide an excellent learning environment for all students and teachers.  Security and supervision ;levels throughout the campus are of a very high quality.”
  • “Leaders are highly successful in meeting the school mission and vision to provide a multi-cultural, and fully inclusive school, where every student is empowered to achieve their potential within a framework full aligned to the UAE priorities.”

The Inspectors outlined the following points for what the school does best:

  • The development of students’ outstanding learning skills, which make a significant contribution to their rate of progress.
  • The vision and direction provide by the governing board and senior staff, which results in a fully inclusive school with outstanding facilities and resources.
  • The respect and tolerance that students demonstrate towards each other leading to a happy and harmonious school.
  • The attention given to well-being of students and staff through outstanding care, support and safeguarding.
  • The partnership established with parents to support students learning.

A copy of the full report can be found 'here'.