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Inspection Outcomes | Deira International School

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Inspection Outcomes

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The Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB) rated Deira International School as Very Good.

Highlights from our 2017/18 inspection report include:

  • Our Early Years teachers show a very strong understanding of how young children learn best. Teaching in the rest of the school is well developed and, along with students' outstanding learning skills, results in good or better student progress in most curriculum areas.
  • We are very proud of our KHDA graded outstanding personal and social development. Students continue to demonstrate positive and responsible attitudes;  they have an impressive, age appropriate understanding of the values, culture and heritage of where they live and an equally remarkable grasp of their own and their peer's cultures.
  • Our Early Years children make outstanding progress. Throughout the rest of the school student achievement in the core curriculum areas is at very high levels.
  • Our IB curriculum enables our students to be global learners; our students have access to a broad and rigorous curriculum developing outstanding learning skills. 
  • Our students benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum. It is successfully contextualised to the UAE and enhanced through modifications in light of skilful review. Outside the classroom, there is an extensive offering of extracurricular activities and discrete projects.
  • We have effective strategies in place for the promotion of enquiry, critical thinking and problem solving through student-centred collaborative and independent learning.
  • We have invested in a number of digital learning platforms such as the, STEM programme and the extended study projects that develop open-ended, investigative and entrepreneurial learning for all students.
  • DIS effectively prioritises the health and safety of our students. Strong guidance develops students’ self-discipline and respect for others, supports their wellbeing and provides pathways for further education.
  • We are highly successful in engaging parents as partners in their children's learning. Leaders at DIS have an impressive grasp of best educational practices.

    To read the full inspection report, click here