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UKMT Senior Mathematics Challenge

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UKMT Senior Mathematics Challenge

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Students from Year 11, IB1 and IB2 took part in the UKMT Senior Mathematics challenge. The UKMT is a global competition undertaken by many schools across the world.

The questions focus on the ability to solve extremely challenging questions based around problem solving skills. Students are able to achieve bronze, silver and gold status with further opportunity for high scoring students to be entered for a purple kangaroo round. 

Deira achieved performed fantastically well with the following outcomes:

Bronze certificates 

Krishna Mashruwala 

Maverick Parlan 

Deep Jain 

Usama Seifeddine 

Virkan Abdulov 
Silver Certificates 

Pratijit Podder 

Isaam Khan 

Rishabh Bhatia 

Renu Rajamagesh 

Faris Ashraf 

Haziq Zed 
Gold Certificates 

Sayuri Hamamoto 

Fariha Shaikh 
A huge congratulations to all students who took part. The Intermediate challenge will take place on Thursday 7th February for Year 9, 10 and 11 students.