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Performing Arts at DIS aims to nurture and develop students’ self- confidence and creativity from an early age; through a music and drama- based specialist curriculum. We believe creativity and the chance to develop transferable skills through performing arts also widens students’ perspectives of themselves and their world; building effective communication, self-expression and enhanced problem-solving skills.

At DIS, we believe in recognizing and nurturing student’s Performing Art talents by providing extensive opportunities for them to perform in a range of events across the mediums of dance, drama, music and singing both in school and in the wider community. 

Our choirs (comprising of students from Years 1 to 6) regularly perform at DIS school events such as our annual Festive Market, National and International Day as well as at events such as The Emirates Festival of Literature.

“Singing Club has provided a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their singing skills and further enhance their natural talents. The children get enormous enjoyment from the club, they look forward to their sessions every week with great excitement and I have noticed how the club has strengthened the student's confidence also.” (Ms Reddington – Year 1)

“I have enjoyed the whole of Performing Arts, but my favourite moment was when I was given the opportunity to perform piano in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL because it gave me confidence.” (Year 2 student)

Our DIS Dance Juniors and DIS Dance Elites have spent all year developing their choreographic and performance skills and have represented DIS at the 2020 Desert Dance Festival as well as the Universal American School’s Fringe Festival. 

“The time I spent with Desert Dance has made me realise how much I love dance and that I can express my feelings and emotions through movement.” (Year 6 student)

“Dedication, passion and pride were all character strengths that were developed through the enjoyment of representing DIS at the Desert Dance event. Key Stage 2 students were excited to practice and perform an interpretive routine which showcased their teamwork and contemporary dance skills.”  (Ms Gott – Year 6)

Performing arts lessons at DIS balance instrument work, composing, performing, listening and appraising with drama based activities linked closely to year group curriculums. 
Students learn to develop both their intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills through individual, group and ensemble work.

We also work closely with outside agencies to offer personalized peripatetic music tuition for those students who would like to progress further with a particular instrument.

“Performing Arts in DIS has provided me with the opportunity to explore and nurture my creativity. The teachers always encourage practices and help me grow in confidence.” (Year 4 student)

Students in Years 5 and 6 also have the chance to learn about theatre practitioners and playwrights including William Shakespeare. Every year at DIS, we rehearse and create a Primary Production; performed in our large, full equipped theatre space. From the musical ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to the magical ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ our productions are yet another way for students to develop their acting talents and stage craft skills.

“I have been lucky to be chosen as one of the main characters in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ This was really encouraging for me and improved my confidence. I am really proud of this achievement.” (Year 6 student)

The unprecedented world events over the past few months have called for even more imagination and creativity in Performing Arts here at DIS. It has been an exciting challenge for us to continue to engage and inspire our students through our distance learning, in many cases providing a little solace from the uncertainty we currently find ourselves living in.

“Someone said “ Performance art is about joy, about making something that's so full of kind of a wild joy that you really can't put it into words.” I really believe that art and music are the food of my soul. They give me energy to proceed and change my mode to survive during this pandemic time.” (Year 4 student)

“(During distance learning) I have enjoyed learning new words for music. I have liked using Nearpod to make my own melody.” (Year 1 student)

Our extensive range of CCAs across the primary phase (which include singing club, recorder club, drama, dance and Primary Production) are now virtual, with weekly showcases in place to allow students to share their performances with an online audience of their teachers and peers. 
What a great opportunity also, for families to join together with their children to celebrate achievement in Performing Arts!

Here at DIS, we embrace change and are looking forward to developing another exciting year of Performing Arts opportunities for all our primary school students.