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Our DiS Dance co, Elite performers attended the annual Desert Dance Festival at Dubai College. As founding members of the Festival, it is always a wonderful event and platform to share Dance with leading schools from around Dubai and the UAE. This year the festival theme was based on Expo 2020 and excitement and buzz the exhibition will bring to Dubai. Our dance piece was focused on the culture and spirit of Dubai, entitled ‘When the sand blows’.

When the sand blows:

A grain of sand blows across the bright orange desert, from desert to skyscrapers. Our piece explores all Dubai has to offer, as the Expo 2020 matures and shares its culture with the world. Using Contemporary Dance, influenced by Middle Eastern hand gestures and soul, we aim to communicate the beauty and stretch of the desert, growth, expansion and stability of Dubai.

If you wish to see our Dis Dance Co perform again, please keep your eyes open for a ‘flash’ of Dance around the school.