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Physical Education and Sports| Deira International School

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Physical Education and Sports

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Participation in sport is considered an important part of the educational philosophy at Deira International School. The focus of the sporting program is to encourage participation, no matter the level of skill, and to nurture a sporting culture that leads to personal best performances. The sporting program allows individuals to experiment with new sports and encourages seasoned competitors to improve their skills and to achieve at higher levels.

Deira International School is renowned for the quality of its Representative Teams. Students have the opportunity to represent in approximately 10 sports and in each year more than 450 students wear the forest green and white colours of Deira International School teams. Representative Sports offered include: Football, Netball, Rugby, Rounders, Touch Rugby, Rugby 7s, Athletics, Swimming, Cricket, Basketball. There are opportunities to compete at competitive and developmental level with B, C and D teams forming due to the fantastic interest in sport.

Deira International School is proud that current students and former students have performed at elite levels, participating at city, national and international level in a wide variety of sporting disciplines.


In order to ensure your child is exposed to high quality Physical Education learning opportunities, all primary PE and Swimming lessons are taught by PE specialists.In Foundation Stage 1 and 2, students have a 30 minute PE (Term 2) or Swimming lesson (term 1 and 3) once a week with a Primary PE specialist. In years 1- 6, students have two PE lessons a week (1 lesson of Swimming,1 lesson of PE in term 1 and 3).

Our curriculum is varied and covers a variety of sporting activities. It promotes opportunities for students to develop their physical and mental capacity and improve their knowledge of health and physical well-being whilst also allowing opportunities for students to be creative, be leaders and learn how to work collaboratively in a team.

Our Secondary curriculum also offers a variety of sporting activities such as; Badminton, Football, Swimming, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Rounders, Athletics and Fitness. All our modules finish with an Inter-house competition promoting the house spirit and providing pupils with the opportunity to apply their skills in a competitive environment. Pupils are assessed on their Physical Performance, their ability to Analyse to Improve and also their Knowledge on Sport, Health and Fitness. At GCSE we offer the International Cambridge Specification and at IB the Sports, Exercise and Heath Science course (SL and HL).