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Educational Technology at Deira International School  helps to meet the needs of teachers and students in applying methods and mindsets for integrating technologies in lessons.

Teachers use the Visual Learning Environment (VLE) online platform in order to  share  advanced knowledge and skills inside and outside the classroom. In addition to that, students are exposed to using dozens of technological tools but the central focus is always on how to use these tools to support the learning. Hence students excel in creating innovative products.

The teachers at Deira International School push student educational technology limits, and inspire them to try new tools in their own learning on daily basis. This gives our students the power of networked collaboration and learning so that they can build a compelling professional e-portfolio that showcases their deep engagement with ideas and technologies.

E-safety Policy 2017-2018

Deira International School is committed to supporting our community of students, parents/guardians and staff to understand both the benefits and risks of technology used in lessons, and to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to be able to use technology safely and responsibly.

What is e-safety?

E-safety is a term which means not only the Internet but other ways in which students communicate using Mobile Electronic Devices (MED). E-safety is ensuring that students are protected from harm and supported to achieve the maximum benefit from new and developing technologies without risk to themselves or others.

The aim of promoting e-safety is to protect a young person from the adverse consequences of access or use of MED that includes bullying and inappropriate behaviour or exploitation.

It is the responsibility of students, parents/guardians and staff to understand the risks and acceptable use, as well as how to respond to incidents involving e-safety, both in and out of the school environment.

Here are the aims of E-safety Policy 2017-2018:

  •  protecting and educating students and staff in their use of technology

  •  educating students, parents/guardians and staff about cyber-bullying, including the consequences

  •  informing teachers and parents/guardians about their role in safeguarding and protecting DIS students at school and at home

  • putting policies and procedures in place to help prevent incidents of cyber-bullying within the school community

  • having effective and clear measures to deal with and monitor cases of cyber-bullying


EdTech Purchase Request Form

The ‘EdTech Purchase Request Form’ will allow all DIS teachers to use some of the existing CPD school budget to buy new EdTech Apple apps for their school iPads to be used in lessons and also upgrade their existing EdTech accounts once approved in the order listed on the form.

Recommendations for Mobile Electronic Devices (MED’s) 2017-2018

Deira International School recognises fully that mobile electronic devices are now part of everyday life. With the introduction of a range of electronic devices that have the same capability of computers, this access has been created to enhance students’ learning experiences in the classroom and to embrace technology as a useful learning tool.

In addition, taking into consideration that MEDs are both a learning tool and a method of communication, DIS will allow only Year 6 and Secondary School students to use their MED within the school grounds and in the classroom. This is, however, a privilege and not a right. Permission to use an MED is subject to adherence to the guidelines of this policy.

Parents will be asked to support the school and, as such, we ask the  Mobile Electronic Device Policy 2017-2018 document is signed by both the student and parent/guardian.

Tech Tuesdays

Tech Tuesdays’  are informal (30 minute) meeting opportunities that take place on Tuesdays from 3:15 pm to 3:45 pm. These are for DIS teachers to share good EdTech practice, new Technology innovations and personal insights in teaching with technology. Updates will be shared on a weekly basis via the EdTech website page, DIS social media pages, Week Ahead and EdTech PS/SS display boards. 

Secondary School and Primary School teachers are encouraged to volunteer in order to demonstrate good practice that they have delivered over the past year, or discuss a tool that enhances classroom practice.  

Please note this is intended to be informal and promote discussion and collaboration regarding effective EdTech tools so do not be afraid to come along and just have a chat!



EdTech Tool


Computational Thinking for Teacher Education

Espresso Coding: What is it?

What is coding?

 Espresso Discovery Education

NearPod Collaborate Tool Video


Blippar: Augmented Reality & Visual Discovery Solutions

Blippar on the App Store - iTunes - Apple

'Unlock the world with Blippar' Video 

Creating a Microsoft Forms Video Tutorial

Microsoft Forms Login Page


Teaching with Aurasma App


House Point Allocation Guide

Pat My Back Presentation


Educreations App Free Download

Educreations Teacher Sign-Up Page

Educreations Video Tutorial

Comic Life


Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Excel

iDoceo Video Tutorial

Windows 10 - Beginners Guide [Tutorial]

Social Media in Education  

Create a Nearpod Lesson  

Showbie – Online Marking And Feedback                                         

Creativity, Assessment for Learning & Critical Thinking EdTech Tools

OneNote in Education

Creating Your First iTunesU Course

VLE Learning Resources Teacher Guide         

TitanPad Web Tool

Central Classroom Speakers

Microsoft Office iPad Apps

iMovie Assessing Student Learning        


Padlet ~ Showing Progress

NearPod App

iDoceo App

Awarding House Points on PASS      

Apple TV Mirroring 

Wordle | Word Clouds

Vocaroo | Voice Recorder

NearPod App

Puffin Academy App 
















Educational Technology App Corner

The teachers at Deira International School push student educational technology limits, and inspire them to try new tools in their own learning on daily basis. This gives our students the power of networked collaboration and learning so that they can build a compelling professional e-portfolio that showcases their deep engagement with ideas and technologies.

Below is a very useful and effective list of useful student iOS applications that will help to support your child’s learning especially when it comes to coding, Mathematics, discovery world maps, measuring sound pressure and creativity.

Student EdTech Leadership Team

EdTech Leaders are students who excel at using technology and are willing to share their knowledge and skills with others. Through working with teachers, peers and school leaders, EdTech Leaders are able to help shape how EdTech technology tools are used in and outside of the classroom.

  • Support staff and students with the use of technology in lessons and Tech Tuesdays training sessions.
  • Promote e-safety.
  • Trial and evaluate new equipment and services.
  • Improve their understanding of technology.
  • Share their knowledge and skills with others.
  • Help shape the use of technology within school.
  • Act as e-ambassadors.
  • Get even better at using technology.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Earn IBDP CAS hours.
  • Identify opportunities and overcome challenges with ICT.
  • Teach staff and students across the school.
  • Work with EdTech Leaders from other schools.
  • Have a platform for expressing their ideas and opinions.

EdTech Leaders are an essential element to any successful whole school e-learning strategy and hold the key in supporting transformational change in the school.



Yuan Chang           

Senior EdTech Leader                                                                                                                    


My name is Yuan Chang. As a Senior EdTech Leader, I believe that enhancing the use of technology is the ultimate way of improving our academic education.  I have personally demonstrated great skills and techniques in problem solving logical problems  with a wide computer science experience. I excel at logical problem solving which results in more  logical decisions rather than ordinary emotional decisions.

I am very enthusiastic to advise and support the Primary School Senior Leadership Team in using coding and implementing it in their curriculum. 

Technology blends cultures and creates a world with no boundaries. As an EdTech leader, I am hoping to learn and share new technology-based skills with other students and teachers where I can succeed in teaching others about the latest updates when using new EdTech tools.




Rukaiya Mushtaq

Senior EdTech Leader                               


Hello, my name is Rukaiya Mushtaq. As a Senior EdTech Leader, I would like to gain the support of other EdTech Leaders to find a safe and effective way to remain safe when using technology, as I believe that technology is part of your daily routine.  I would like to be seen as a peer that is very approachable as well as helpful for the younger students.

Being safe whilst using the internet is a topic that is very important to me and crucial when using technology. I am hoping to communicate and also learn from other members, students as well as teachers in order to enhance develop further the technology use in all lessons. 



Mohit Bhatia

EdTech Leader                                        


My name is Mohit Bhatia and I have been studying at Deira international School for the past six years. I am interested in the latest technology gadgets that can improve and advance our learning inside and outside the classrooms.

I am honoured to have helped with Tech Tuesdays training sessions last year and I have enjoyed this experience. I have benefited a lot from being part of the EdTech Leadership Team to help support my classmates and teachers in the use of technology inside and outside the classroom. I am hoping to present new ideas on innovation where we can explore new areas of technology and inspire teachers and learners.



Andrei Filipescu

EdTech Leader  




Hello, my name is Andrei Filipescu. I have been studying at Deira international school for the past two years. I am eager to learn more about the latest technology gadgets that can enhance our learning and creativity. Technology is essential during our everyday lives, which is why I enjoy using it. We use technology in a resilient manner at Deira International School which helps us finish classwork more effectively and collaboratively. 

After last year’s exciting experience, I have decided to join the EdTech Leadership Team to help and support my classmates and teachers in the use of technology inside and outside the classroom. In the future, I am hoping to present and improve new ideas in Tech Tuesdays sessions where teachers and students learn to use technology more effectively.



Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Our VLE is an online tool that allows us to communicate effectively with both students and parents. Teachers use the VLE to upload class information, learning resources, homework due dates and photographs to showcase learning that has taken place in lessons.

You can log onto the VLE by using your personal DIS USERNAME and PASSWORD:> Vle Login Tab 

In order to get all important VLE notifications emailed to you, please add your email address to the VLE page as follows:

Log onto the VLE --> 'Settings' Tab --> Enter your email address --> Click on 'Save' button

Please read the Parent VLE Handbook which will guide you through all important VLE features and allow you to access the information that has been uploaded by your child's teachers.

Please also familiarise yourself with the following the VLE Home School Agreement documents.

In case you need any technical support, please email us on for further assistance.

  • Deira International School
  • Dubai Festival City, P.O. Box 79043, Dubai, UAE
  • +971 4 232 5552
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